European Travel Solutions – Eurocentre

Our global and European networks allow us to take a global approach to procurement, travel tracking, technology and service, complemented by local specialist knowledge and implementation. Whatever the challenge, we help our clients to achieve the required cultural and behavioural change to realise the objectives of their travel programmes.

Across 17 European locations our teams are on the ground, local experts in their own right and speaking over 9 languages through our EuroCentre, ensuring your experience is memorable and different for all the right reasons, no matter where your project takes you.

Uniquely, we can bill and issue tickets in multiple European currencies including Sterling, Euros, Swiss Francs and Danish, Swedish & Norwegian Kroner. Billing can be tailored to be compliant with tax and VAT regulations locally to where the ticket is billedor issued.

Further afield the global CTM network covers more than countries. Every location is connected to our smart technology on a single eco-platform allowing an innovative and consistent experience the world over.

Smart is fully customisable with bespoke customer travel portals, online booking tools, 24 hour support, traveller tracking, risk alerts, itinerary and boarding pass features, passport and visa services and our entire suite of management reporting.

This ensures that CTM clients and staff alike have immediate access to the same information, constantly up-dated in real-time. Now that is Smart!

Languages spoken in our Euro Centre Team, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese.