Corporate Travel Management

We have the infrastructure, people and systems to fulfil global, international and regional travel programmes seamlessly. Clients choose us because we combine pro-active account management with great service and a totally flexible way of working.

We also concentrate on getting the chemistry right. The right people, technology designed for the way you do business and the determination to deliver.

Global fulfilment

Our service is based on understanding and mutual trust. We integrate our teams with our clients’ businesses to build up a complete understanding of the needs and challenges.Then we design a travel management service that’s a perfect fit, encompassing every possible travel or ancillary service.

From full service and low-cost carriers; hotels and serviced apartments; domestic and international rail providers; ground transport, passports & visas. We don’t just process travel bookings; each one is delivered with an obsessive attention to detail.

Cost Reduction

Our creative approach extends to fare and cost savings, drawing on the collective experience of our global network to make your travel budget go further.

Dedicated account management teams use sophisticated analytics to consolidate spend, co-ordinate local and global pricing models and highlight every available saving opportunity. They work closely with our specialist creative Fares Desk team to provide you with special route deals on long haul flights at substantial savings.


We specialise in consolidating spend across international markets, especially for clients with different policies, practices and cultures. We make their travel programme as agile as possible by anticipating travellers’ needs and tailoring the available options accordingly.

Our technology enables us to track travel expenses, analyse traveller and booker behaviour and highlight both individual examples of, and trends around, non-compliance. We then work with our clients to minimise further non-compliance by re-educating travellers and monitoring their satisfaction levels.








Duty of care

Duty of care pervades our approach to travel management. We can pinpoint travellers’ locations whilst in transit or in their hotels, anywhere in the world, in real-time.

Our smart tracking tools automatically alert travellers to incidents, issues and alerts that could affect their journeys. This enables travel managers and arranges to communicate with individual or multiple travellers by providing a window onto every trip, with emergency human assistance available around-the-clock through our CTM 24 service.

Find out how Corporate Travel Management can deliver a customised travel management solution which drives savings, efficiency and safety at every step of your journey.