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Benefits of using a TMC: Efficiency

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your staff, engaging a TMC is a perfect place to start. Online Booking Tools have advanced in recent years to provide streamlined booking experiences that mimic the ease and atheistic of leisure travel solutions. While business travel can be complex, a TMC can provide a simple, effective solution for travellers, travel bookers and travel managers.

Completing our three-part series, we demonstrate how partnering with an innovative TMC can improve efficiency and booking effectiveness for your business.

1. Access better content, without the hassle

  • Dedicated travel team: With the support of a local, dedicated travel team, you can be sure that you have access to the best travel content that’s tailored to your unique business needs. CTM’s account managers are expertly trained to seek out opportunities for better deals on your key routes.


  • NDC: When engaging a TMC, it’s important that you choose a partner that’s committed to providing better content for its customers. New Distribution Capability (NDC) agreements between TMCs and their preferred partners help corporate customers access the best possible travel options and discounted offers that are relevant to their business. CTM has remained at the forefront of NDC integration, becoming the first TMC to adopt Qantas’ NDC platform in 2018, and later partnering with Lufthansa in 2019.

2. Save time with streamlined bookings

  • Online Booking Tool: The most effective solution for managed business travel is an online booking tool (OBT). CTM’s Lightning OBT allows users to complete end-to-end bookings for air, hotel, rail and car hire – no need for multiple browsers. With pre-saved traveller information and in-built travel policy settings, travel bookers can book travel quickly and effectively, with limited room for error.


  • Intuitive technology: Highly innovative corporate travel technology can also provide for a streamlined experience for the traveller. CTM’s mobile app provides notifications including check?in reminders, baggage information and incomplete bookings, delivered at relevant times throughout the traveller’s journey.

3. Seamless payment solutions

  • Virtual payments: Integrated within TMC booking tools and travel programmes, virtual payment cards provide more secure processing methods, meaning less risk of fraud for businesses. They can also be configured to automate policy enforcement by applying tolerance settings at a transactional level.


  • Access to credit: Easily access un-used credit from previous cancelled bookings or bonuses earned and cut costs by adding it to your booking direct via an OBT or offline methods.


Are you looking to get started with a TMC?

We are running an introductory offer for small to medium-sized businesses featuring no online transaction fees for the first three months if you sign up by 20th March 2020. Contact us below to see if you’re eligible.