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Experts in Energy, Resources and Marine Travel Management

CTM prides itself on delivering a unique and valuable travel management experience to the energy, resources and marine sectors.

Companies operating in the energy, resources, and marine (ERM) sectors play a vital role in supporting the global economy. We understand the critical nature of keeping the supply chain moving, with our expertise we will get your people to their destinations on time, safely and at the right cost.

Managing ERM travel requires careful consideration and step-by-step planning. Our ERM consultants around the world actively monitor all aspects of travel and consider timings, cost, and traveller safety in all that they do.

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Shift Management Tools

Juggling spreadsheets is a thing of the past! Our shift management and bulk upload tools integrate with CTM’s intuitive online booking tool, Lightning, for maximum efficiency and accuracy when booking travel across the ERM sector.

Our Shift Management solutions will assist you to seamlessly manage flights, accommodation and transportation for your ERM travellers based on scheduled rosters, capturing the information you desire to assist with the reconciliation of a booking – including traveller details, project codes, cost centres and many other information types.

Key benefits

  • Makes group and charter flight bookings based on secured allotments
  • Ensures allotment allocations are not exceeded
  • Can load ad-hoc flights/sectors both pre-departure and in-flight
  • Pre-loads camps, dongas and other pre-booked accommodation into the system
  • Tailors access levels for certain travel bookers
  • Offers tailored reporting – including reporting by cost centre/project, roster and month of travel by airline, camp, platform, vessel or transfer
  • Sends itinerary and booking status directly to the traveller and travel booker
  • Flags when an itinerary is incomplete
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Emergency Evacuation

Emergency situations often strike with little warning and when they do, quick and decisive action is required to get your staff to safety.

When disaster strikes, you need to have proven experience and processes on your side to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Key benefits

  • Proven experience in crisis management and evacuations
  • Strong relationships with suppliers to enable evacuations and access inventory even when capacity is exhausted
  • State of the art technology which can quickly locate and communicate with your workforce
  • 24/7/365 emergency assistance
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Charter Negotiation

CTM is uniquely positioned to negotiate, coordinate and manage the charter fleet requirements of resource industry customers.

Key benefits

  • Centralised management of your charter requirements
  • Effective negotiation of charters through leveraging CTM’s extensive supplier networks
  • Expert coordination of your charter aircraft fleet
  • Accurate management of flight manifests
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Case Study: 25% cost saving

Find out how CTM saved this mining client 25% on its travel spend, despite increased travel activity, through the delivery of a refined strategic travel policy.

CTM identified enhancements to fare class usage to drive significant savings whilst maintaining the highest level of traveller experience.

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Power up your travel with end-to-end support

We take a partnership approach with our ERM clients, guaranteeing a return on investment through reduced travel costs, increased efficiencies, and maximised traveller safety. Our services are underpinned by a range of  technology and operational solutions specifically developed to deliver against the complexities of travel in these industries.

We strive to deliver continual savings and efficiencies, flexing to meet the evolving requirements of the ERM sectors. Our memberships with industry bodies such as Oil & Gas UK and Subsea UK keep us abreast of evolving best practices and trends within the industries, ensuring we support our clients exceptionally.

Strategic Account Management

We provide you with a dedicated strategic account manager and support personnel who acts as an extension of your team, by designing and delivering a travel management programme that meets your strategic objectives.

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Proactive Risk Management

CTM’s risk management solutions are designed to help our customers meet their duty of care obligations, while providing business travellers with the confidence they need to make business travel safer, more productive and enjoyable.

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Sustainable travel choices

We understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as an employer and business partner, and we are committed to developing initiatives that provide practical benefits to businesses and the environment.

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Enhanced supplier negotiations

CTM provides access to specially negotiated travel rates on scheduled and charter airlines, vehicle hire, transfers and accommodation providers for offshore, onshore, exploration, subsea, drilling, oilfield, mining, wind energy and maritime workers. These enhanced negotiations offer savings, additional flexibility, and enhanced luggage allowances.

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Expense Solutions

CTM’s expense management, payment options, and virtual payment solutions can enhance your expense process for cost effectiveness, efficiency and better planning. We have the partners and solutions to take the hassle out of expense management for companies supporting complex crew rotations.

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Travel Smarter with CTM SMART technology

CTM SMART Technology delivers flexible, personal and easy-to-use tools for every travel stakeholder. Our suite of travel tools are interconnected and highly intuitive, ensuring that every business trip is easier to manage, the travel budget goes further and everyone’s job is made simpler.


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