Innovation Engine

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at CTM.

We take our client, partner and staff input and feed it into what we like to think of as our ‘innovation engine’. The results speak for themselves.


CTM’s internal feedback loop is geared to unearth the next ‘big ideas’ from the people who have day-to-day interaction with our clients in order to provide the best possible levels of service.


At CTM, we create industry leading technology our customers actually want to use. Our team of engineers are fed with a stream of client feedback which contributes directly to the products we build.


Our people are by far our greatest asset. CTM employs some of the most experienced corporate travel professionals who receive on-going training and are constantly encouraged to generate and share ideas on how we can better serve our clients.


We pride ourselves on offering our clients needs-driven solutions with an emphasis on value. Our unique organisational structure breaks the cookie cutter mould of other travel management companies to focus purely on providing the best possible level of service for our clients.