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Journey Prep: Because travel has changed

Get up-to-date facts, before you book and before you fly

Travellers trying to decide “Can I travel?” Prevent unnecessary cost by giving your travellers the right information – a reliable source to save countless hours.

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Journey Prep: Sign up now

Detailed country and regional travel restrictions, quarantine and movement limitations and a general state of affairs. This will help your business travellers make fast and informed decisions on when, where and how to travel.

Our easy to use COVID Journey Prep destination lookup is designed to be quick and reliable, up-to-date, and helps ensure you don’t incur unnecessary travel costs while keeping your travellers productive and prepared.

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Know before you go

Journey Prep is available to all our customers via Dash Portal and Dash Mobile, so your travellers can easily access the information they need to plan or decide on a trip, wherever they’re going.

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We already have Dash Portal. What do I need to do?

Nothing! Your Dash Portal or Travelsync site has been updated to include this information already. If you would like the post-booking travel(l)er update emails, then please complete the sign-up below selecting the sign-up box.

What if we don’t have Dash today?

We will build, at no-cost to you, a simple Dash Portal site with your company domains you provide when signing up. We will notify you when your site is ready allowing your colleagues to register to have access. They will be able to do this through the online portal or by downloading the Dash Mobile app.

How often is the information updated?

Journey Prep updates automatically as new country and state advisories are released by WorldAware. WorldAware is a 3rd party risk management partner of ours, who validate government, WHO, CDC and other information and intelligence sources before composing their destination advisories.

Why is there no cost?

The nature of travel has changed. Travellers and travel arrangers/bookers need more information in their hands long before a trip is booked. We are choosing to give this to our customers at no-cost because of the inherent value we see in the trip planning and preparation phases. If the cost changes after 30 June 2021, we will inform you in advance. You will not automatically be charged any costs associated with Journey Prep without your prior approval.

Can Journey Prep be added to my online booking tool?

Journey Prep is only available in Dash Portal and Mobile, so that (1) all your colleagues have access regardless of booking method, (2) everyone can be referred to a single source, Journey Prep, before they depart on their trip to check for any changes, and (3) because the advisory content is protected by publication restrictions.

Is there any limitation to use?

No, you can make unlimited searches in Journey Prep from any country or time zone provided your travellers have access to Dash. We simply need your company email domains registered for access to Journey Prep.

What are the post-booking traveller update emails?

With your agreement, we will automatically email your travellers of any destination updates specific only to entry/exit, quarantine and/or movement restrictions for the destination country and/or region. This would only be specific to their trip and would occur after booking but before travel and when on trip.

Are the post-booking traveller update emails the same as your Travel Alert service?

No. Our Travel Alert service includes security, transportation, health and safety and other risks that travellers should be aware of on their trip. These ‘post-booking traveller update emails’ are only specific to entry/exit, quarantine and/or movement restrictions for the destination country and/or US state. If you would like to know more about our full Travel Alert service please contact your account manager or email


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By signing up to provide your company with access to Journey Prep, you are acknowledging the following terms:

  1. The advisory and destination content behind Journey Prep is provided by a third-party provider of such information, and that;
  2. Travel and Transport and CTM make no representation or warranty with regard to the third-party provider data, including its accuracy, and;
  3. The advisory content of Journey Prep is not to be distributed outside of your organization without approval of Travel and Transport or CTM
  4. The cost for such services shall be [£0.00] from activation date until June 30th, 2021