CTM launches next generation technology suite

26 February 2019
CTM Portal: End-to-end travel management solution featuring pre-trip approval, fare forecasting, booking, traveller tracking and business intelligence reporting.
CTM Mobile: Manage every aspect of the business travel experience from a mobile device, from booking flights, hotels and car hire to itinerary and risk management.


Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is transforming business travel in the UK and Europe with the release of a new state-of-the-art travel technology suite. The global travel management company showcased its new tools – CTM Portal and CTM Mobile – at the Business Travel Show in London last week.

“Great technology is central to delivering value and productivity to CTM’s customers,” said Brian Sheerin, CTM UK/Europe Chief Technology Officer. “The new CTM SMART Technology suite gives users access to the most innovative and meaningful travel tools at their fingertips 24/7. The product has been developed specifically for the European market to drive cost savings, efficiency and safety across corporate travel programmes.”


The CTM Portal allows travel bookers, travel managers and travellers to access their travel tools and travel-related information in one place. Users have 24/7 access to a range of innovative tools, which provide greater control and improved peace of mind.

“CTM’s in-house tech team works directly with customers to develop technology that is adaptive and tailored to their individual needs,” said Brian Sheerin. “That’s why our new Portal is customisable down to user type and region, driving specific outcomes and providing value for every stakeholder.”

CTM Portal offers:

  • Traveller Tracker
    Tracks travellers against their flight and hotel itineraries. Updated in real-time, the tracking solutions allows travel managers to communicate directly with travellers via SMS and email. Provides an instant picture of country-by-country risk levels.
  • SMART Data
    View travel programme performance online 24/7, with aggregated travel data from multiple sources. Access and dissect complex travel data at the click of a button, create and share intuitive dashboard reports with your team, or deep-dive into your data with customised reports. Hypothetical data inputs predict and optimise future costs and savings.
  • Ride Share
    Alerts travelling colleagues of ride-sharing opportunities, reducing the cost of travel and CO2 emissions.
  • Trip Approve
    Fully customisable, intuitive and responsive, this multi-tiered solution boosts approval productivity and enhances compliance.
  • Fare Forecaster
    Provides a visual representation of up-to-date flight data, displayed by specified journey or destination, allowing users to identify the most cost-effective time to travel across multiple days in a single search.
  • Traveller Risk
    Automatic travel risk assessments alert users to incidents and events that could affect traveller safety or itineraries. Assists managers in ensuring compliance with travel governance policies.
  • Documents and Links
    Provides access to travel-related policy documents, self-help guides and other supporting information on a single, shared platform.
  • Check-in
    Direct links to airlines, allowing easy online check-in without leaving the portal.
  • World Clocks
    Gives instant visibility of travellers across different time zones.


CTM Mobile is a simple, immersive and intuitive travel companion. Mirroring CTM’s next generation booking tool, Lightning, the app allows users to book, manage and organise business travel anytime and anywhere.

“We understand that today’s business traveller enjoys an increasingly empowered role in the travel management process,” Brian Sheerin said. “It’s imperative that technology fulfils the needs of both the traveller and the company. The CTM Mobile app does just that, by incorporating mobile booking and trip management tools that give travellers greater control over their travel experience, whilst maintaining corporate policy compliance and duty of care.”


CTM Mobile offers:
  • Mobile booking: Book domestic and international air, hotel and car hire on the go
  • Compliance: Bookers and managers can integrate company policy to increase compliance
  • Trip Feed: Lets travellers and bookers access trip details and manage itineraries in one place
  • Itinerary management: Receive intuitive and personalised notifications, including flight status, gate changes, directions and more
  • Proof of life: Travellers can let their team know they are safe by verifying their location with one simple tap
  • Travel risk alerts: Real-time travel and risk alerts so that travellers are never caught off‑guard


About CTM
CTM is an award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective travel management solutions to the corporate market. Its proven business strategy combines personalised service excellence with customer facing technology solutions to deliver a return on investment to customers.www.travelctm.co.uk


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