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Lightning online booking tool

Experience Lightning – the online booking tool built for the next generation of business travel.

Lightning is the first online booking tool (OBT) designed to maximise user-experience while delivering on complex corporate travel programme needs. Experience Lightning today and drive efficiency, cost savings and compliance to your travel programme.

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Business Travel Online Booking Tool

Drive savings, efficiency and compliance with Lightning – the online booking tool your workforce has been waiting for.

Lightning is the first corporate online booking tool to replicate the consumer travel booking experience, driving greater efficiency and adoption than ever before. Exclusive to CTM, and built on CTM’s proprietary technology framework, Lightning puts the user front and centre of the booking experience to deliver greater savings, productivity and compliance to your travel programme.

Book the best corporate deals on flights, hotels, rail and car hire within a single, intuitive and easy to use booking platform, integrated with advanced forecasting technology and airline reassurance features to drive better buying decisions. Lightning aggregates content from multiple content sources for maximum choice, and enables heightened customisation to suit your travel programmes’ objectives.

Enjoy a new level of innovation, speed and agility with Lightning.

Identify global travel restrictions and risks prior to booking


Drive Savings

Greater choice and powerful price information at your fingertips
  • Access to airlines, hotels, rail and car hire companies in a single booking platform
  • Compare your corporate negotiated deals alongside GDS and non-GDS content for the best deals on travel every time
  • In-built forecasting technology compares the best time to travel in a single view, driving more informed decision making to maximise savings
  • Gives preference to preferred suppliers
  • Prompts user of missed savings opportunities
  • Automated in-built pre-trip approval system
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Improve Efficiency

Book travel faster with a more intuitive user experience
  • Built-in forecasting technology visualises cheapest time to travel in a single search
  • Integrated airline reassurance features display in the search results, highlighting the services’ health and safety features such as cleaning, crew well-being, health screening and more
  • Compare product features and amenities at a glance
  • Saves recent searches for easy recall
  • Search hotels by points of interest including office locations
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Enhance Productivity

24/7 accessibility and convenience on the move!
  • Book and manage every aspect of your business travel (air, hotel, rail and car hire) in policy, via the CTM Mobile app
  • Mobile-friendly approval enables booking requests to be accessed and actioned in record time
  • Itinerary updates, such as delays and boarding information, keep you on-time and productive
  • Access destination information, including maps, weather, currency and much more at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it, saving time and hassle on the road
  • Sync your itinerary as events to Microsoft Outlook calendar.
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Increase Adoption

At last, a user-centric interface for a booking experience you’ll love!
  • Lightning is the first corporate travel booking tool to put the user front and centre of the booking experience
  • Platform design replicates the user experience of leisure travel websites, whilst configured to meet the complex needs of corporate travel policies
  • The intuitive and user-friendly interface drives adoption and policy compliance, in turn reducing leakage for more enhanced supplier negotiations
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CTM Mobile: book & manage travel on-the-go

Take control of your business travel experience, stay safe, informed and organised with the CTM Mobile app.

CTM Mobile is the Lightning mobile app combined with a range of handy travel tools, enabling busy business travellers and travel arrangers to book and manage their travel while on the move.

CTM Mobile provides travellers with the confidence they need to make every business trip enjoyable and effective, by putting the critical travel tools and information at their fingertips 24/7.

  • Take control – Book domestic and international air, hotel and car hire on-the-go and inline with your company’s travel policy.
  • Get organised – No more emails or paper trail! Access all your trip details at your fingertips in one trip feed, including custom events such as meetings or engagements.
  • Stay informed – Intuitive and personalised trip notifications delivered when and where you need them, including trip approvals, flight status updates, gate changes, directions and more.
  • Be safe – Let your team know you’re safe by verifying your location with a single tap.


Revolutionise your business travel experience. Request a demo of Lightning today.