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Online booking tools

CTM supports a range of online booking tools (OBTs), including proprietary and third-party solutions, enabling a tailored travel management solution that is built for your business’s specific travel needs and preferences.

What differentiates CTM’s online booking tool offering from other travel management providers is our ability to enhance the end-user experience of third-party tools by layering CTM’s proprietary technology framework. These unique product customisations deliver our customers with enhanced product features and benefits, significantly increasing the speed and cost-savings potential of our online booking solutions.

In Europe, we offer a range of online booking tools for our customers, including Lightning by CTM and Concur.

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7 reasons to use an online booking tool

Whether you’re a travel booker, travel approver, business traveller or all three, an online booking tool (OBT) can be the perfect solution to your travel management needs. Below highlights just a few of the many reasons why your business could benefit from utilising an OBT.

Save time

Research and book air, hotel, rail and car hire in one platform, combining corporate negotiated deals alongside global distribution system (GDS) content and last minute inventory. Better visibility of rates and availability in a single source eliminates the need to compare across multiple sites.

Save money

Compare the best rates to travel across multiple providers in a single search, ensuring access to the best corporate travel deals. Configurable policy regulations ensure maximum programme compliance and support supplier preferencing to heighten your negotiation power. Access to redeem unused ticket credits enables your team to eliminate wastage. User-friendly OBTs also enable your teams to easily self-book their travel, reducing service fees.

Personalised experience

Store traveller information and preferences, upload negotiated deals and supplier preferences, and apply filters to present and sort travel options in the most effective way for your individual users.

Duty of care

Traveller tracking and risk alerts allow companies to easily locate and contact their travellers based on their travel itinerary, reducing potential risks to safety and efficiency.

Policy compliance

OBTs can be configured to your travel policy to ensure 100% mandate to in-policy buying, further bolstering your supplier negotiations and minimising traveller risk.

Consolidated reporting

Booking all aspects of your travel in a single OBT ensures that all travel data is consolidated for more efficient reporting and budget control, and greater visibility of your travel programme’s performance.

Book on the go

Online booking tool’s mobile apps enable your workforce to remain highly productive while on the road. With the ability to book and manage their itinerary 24/7, an OBT app gives your travellers greater control over the business travel experience.


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