Travel Risk Alerts

Smart Risk provides trip risk assessments by automatically alerting you to incidents, issues and alerts that could affect your journey.

Smart Risk is linked to individual travel itineraries, alerts are personalised by risk level and itinerary information to ensure the information received is relevant and timely. Smart Risk can also track employees booked on the same flight, ensuring compliance with travel governance policies.

There are three ways in which CTM communicates risk:

1. Travellers will receive Smart Risk emails directly related to upcoming or current trips.

2. Your organisations selected security team will receive a group risk alert by email detailing the Smart Risk information shared with travellers at risk. This email will also include a report highlighting related traveller itineraries.

3. Through the Smart Portal dashboard you can access live risk news, this is a feed of all risk information globally. Click to expand a piece of news to read more information.


Risk Alerts

Find out how to improve the safety of your travelling workforce with CTM’s SMART Travel Risk Alerts: